KRN Reports and Congestion Plan

Our Congestion Management Plan for the West Midlands has been developed with partners, following new devolved powers for traffic monitoring and management. The 10 point plan promises to reduce congestion and build capacity on roads and public transport across the West Midlands. It also aims to increase road safety, reduce air pollution and speed up journey times. 

Our Congestion Management Plan aims to:

  1. Invest in roads through introducing bus lanes and improved road surfaces.
  2. Push for greater traffic management powers, including traffic offences.
  3. Invest in technology to monitor and manage traffic such as intelligent traffic lights and cameras,
  4. Deliver a Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) in partnership with Highways England and West Midlands Police to manage all travel disruption during major events and incidents.
  5. Work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to improve road safety across the region.
  6. Build capacity on the transport network, including investing in new train and tram stations and accelerating the launch of bus rapid transport, Sprint, in time for the Commonwealth Games.
  7. Invest in a ‘super portal’ where all travel disruption information can be accessed in one place.
  8. Coordinate the delivery of the transport investment programme.
  9. Make better use of the M6 toll during major events and incidents.
  10. Deliver a marketing campaign which encourages people to change their travel behaviours.

A framework for monitoring and improving 23 of the busiest roads in the region, known as the ‘Key Route Network (KRN)’ is also included in the plan. 

Click the links on the right to see the Congestion Management Plan and the KRN.

A short video explaining the plan, featuring Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands and Cllr Roger Lawrence, Transport Portfolio Holder can be viewed here.