The Data Insight Service will run regular training workshops to provide detailed instruction on how the dashboards and other new tools work. This will be based on demand, where possible we will visit the constituent members own sites, the systems are all web-based therefore no software needs to be installed. We will require a room, internet connection and some computers for the trainees.

In addition to the classroom based sessions the supporting manuals and videos will be made available on this page. These are currently being developed and will be added to the site once available.

Training videos

Login and password change guide

Selecting a new start page

Creating and navigating to favorite pages

Setting up and saving a new page view

Setting up and managing data alerts

Road Traffic collisions Homepage guide

Road Traffic collisions Historical overview guide

Road Traffic collisions Seasonal variation guide

Road Traffic collisions Site selection guide

Road Traffic collisions Site level detail guide


Road Traffic collisions Data export options

Road Traffic collisions FME Downloader guide

Traffic survey FME Downloader guide