Tableau Dashboards

Data visualisation is key to understanding and interpreting the data collected and managed by the Data Insight Service. Using these dashboards enables immediate analysis and interpretation of the latest available information.

The data held and visualised is summarised below. To request a username and password please email

Road Traffic Incidents

West Midlands Police capture road traffic incidents, also known as Stats19, in the CRASH system. This supplies a monthly update of information to allow Local Authorities to monitor, analyse and develop interventions to help reduce incidents.

RTC Dashboard

To access his dashboard follow the link below:

Congestion Dashboard

The DfT TrafficMaster data, captured from Teleman GPS trace data form fleet vehicles, is used to determine speed and flow on the regions road network. This visualisation uses the data to calculate delay across the highway network on a month by month basis.

Congestion Dashboard

The congestion dashboard is available here:

Cycling Dashboard

 The Cycling Dashboard contains Cycling data within the West Midlands area for; Cycle counter volume, Trip origin & destination, Cyclist demographics, Cycle accident figures, Cycle theft figures, West midlands cycle network length by type, and cycle parking figures.

 The Cycling Dashboard is available here: