Commercial Partners

The Data Insight Service links data collection and collation to insight to achieve positive outcomes for the region. The service is provided by TfWM, with the commercial partner support to enable a full service provision to the partner organisations within the WMCA.

The commercial partners are arranged into Lots on the framework based on the type of services offered. These lots all work together in order to enable the aim of delivering quality, trusted data and insight, that ultimately supports business case development, operational insight and predictive analytics.

The following commercial partners have been approved on the Data Insight Framework to assist us and deliver services to our customers

Lot 1 A: Primary Transport data

The collection of counts, undertaking of surveys and the install of sensors in order to provide ground truth observations of the transport network is available via:

Lot 1 B: Secondary mass movement data

The availability of mass movement data from GPS and Mobile Network Data, aggregated and anonymised to protect personal privacy, is available from the following partners:

Lot 2 A: Data Platform

The storage, cataloguing and analysis of the data is available from:

Lot 2 B: Data Manipulation

Supporting consultancy for managing, manipulating and using the data to support transport planning, scheme development and deeper insight is availalbe from: