About the Data Insight Service

The Data Insight Service is made up of four complementary services available to the core Constituent Member Authorities, with some services available to neighbouring Authorities, transport consultancies and other partner organisations. The services are:

  • Data Collection - Ad-hoc transport surveys including manual, video, automatic and WiFi/Bluetooth counts, annual and bi-annual surveys.
  • Data Management - Information collated and stored from a variety of sources including DfT TrafficMaster congestion data, Ordnance Survey mapping, Office of National Statistics demographic and census data, open data and partner organisations data. A searchable data catalogue enables visibility and access to this information.
  • Reporting - Annual and bi-annual reports looking at travel trends, transport usage across public transport and highways. This enables historical trend analysis to be undertaken.
  • Analysis and visualisation - Tableau Insight enabled intuitive and interactive analysis of key datasets through interactive dashboards. The dashboards provide insight and KPI analysis to support policy making and infrastructure investment decisions.

It also advocates collaboration with partners,  the basis for the WMCA, and encourages proactive communication with organisations in the West Midlands to promote inclusive growth.

More information about the services provided can be found in the Data Insight Service PDF attached to the right hand side of this website.