Covid-19 Transport Action Plan

(Image courtesy of Birmingham City Council)

TfWM has developed, with its local authority partners, a Covid-19 Transport Action Plan. This short-term transport action plan, as the new West Midlands local transport plan is prepared, sets out how we are approaching a transition out of COVID-19 for transport in line with a wider West Midlands recovery. This is based on the principles of:

  • Providing travel that is safe and secure
  • Getting workers and businesses back up and running (when safe)
  • Supporting travel to schools and keeping children and families safe
  • Keeping the clean air, reduced carbon emissions and physical exercise
  • Supporting a green economic recovery

The West Midlands Strategic Transport Plan “Movement for Growth” is currently being reviewed and will be replaced with a new Local Transport Plan in 2021. Whilst the review progresses, the Covid-19 Transport Action Plan sets out what we have done to maximise the positives that have arisen, such as cleaner air, and manage the negative aspects of this time we are in. It then sets out what we're doing to maximise the funding and powers needed to hasten our delivery of a sustainable, inclusive, integrated transport system to support economic recovery and carbon reduction.

Covid-19 Transport Action Plan.