Safer Travel

The Safer Travel Partnership is committed to creating a safer transport network in the West Midlands.

Being the first type in the country, the partnership consists of West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and Transport for West Midlands, working together to identify areas of the network vulnerable to crime, anti-social behaviour and nuisance behaviour.

The team is intelligence led, drawn from a number of sources such as the officers, transport operators and reports from the public. The team also has access to over 1000 CCTV cameras, which are monitoredĀ 24/7 to spot and respond to incidents which are located in Bus, Rail and Metro stations.

The public transport network across the West Midlands continues to be one of the safest in the UK.

Reductions have been seen in virtually all of the key crime types, with crimes against the person down year on year on bus, rail and tram since 2008. End of year reports for 2015/16 showed total public transport crime on the network down 6% a year. With a focus on tackling anti-social behaviour in recent years, surveys from the independent watchdog, Transport Focus, showed that passenger perception of safety on buses across the region improved by 11% over five years.

The Partnership has a dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) team, who add to and compliment the Safer Travel Police Team with a problem-orientated approach to tackling ASB and nuisance behaviour on public transport, using a range of police and civil interventions and by linking in with partner agencies. The team respond to reports such as rowdy behaviour, intimidation of staff/passengers, smoking, graffiti and playing of loud music.

The partnership runs and promotes the 'See Something Say Something' campaign, which allows passengers to text the partnership via mobile phone details of any incident they witness, mentioning bus, rail or Metro, using the number 83010.

See the Safer TravelĀ Passenger Code of Conduct