Bus Reform Options

West Midlands Combined Authority Notice

28th February 2020
The Transport Act 2000 (as amended by the Bus Services Act 2017) (the Act) provides the West Midlands Combined Authority (the Authority) with powers to reform the bus market. Sections 123B and 123C(4) of the Act provide for new types of partnership schemes and the option to franchise bus services.

The Authority has directed Transport for West Midlands to assess the new bus reform options available under the Act including an assessment of a proposed bus franchising scheme (Proposed Scheme). Before undertaking such an assessment, section 123C(4) of the Act prescribes that the Authority must publish a notice stating that it intends to prepare such an assessment.

On that basis, the Authority has authorised the publication of this notice confirming that it is preparing an assessment of a Proposed Scheme.

Pursuant to section 123C(2) of the Act, the Secretary of State's permission to carry out the assessment of a Proposed Scheme is not required because the scheme relates to the area of a Mayoral Combined Authority.

It is currently envisaged that the Proposed Scheme will cover the Area of the West Midlands Combined Authority (as defined in the West Midlands Combined Authority Constitution).

For further information, please contact the Bus Alliance at BusAlliance@tfwm.org.uk