We invest to improve the regional transport structure, working towards an integrated public transport system that’s safe and secure. At the same time we are busy planning for the future.

It is important we invest in public transport - as traffic jams, longer journey times and increasing pollution add stress to our daily lives.

We work in partnership with operators in the West Midlands - as Network West Midlands - to develop integrated ticketing that meets customer needs. We also provide free fares for the elderly and disabled travellers.

Information is provided to passengers in electronic, real-time and mobile formats and traditional paper based at-stop or leaflet versions. We provide park and ride facilities and are working with operators to provide other improvements, such as the Bus Alliance or proposals to devolve more powers over local rail services to us as West Midlands Rail.

We pay for any socially necessary bus services to operate that are not profitable - mostly in the early morning, the evening or Sundays. We have also signed partnership agreements with bus operators to invest in improvements to the network, such as new vehicles.

As owners of Midland Metro we promote and develop Line One (Wolverhampton to Birmingham) and its planned extensions.

We are giving more people sustainable travel options including cycle routes and storage, maintenance and safe riding courses and security marking.