Why Sprint


Connecting a growing region

By 2035, the population of the West Midlands is set to increase by up to 444,000 (100 people per day) and we expect 215, 000 new homes to be built across the region by 2030. In the same period, we anticipate that business investment will generate an additional 50,000 jobs, while the introduction of HS2 will open our connections to a wider area.

We also want growth to be inclusive and sustainable so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities it will bring. Investment in our passenger transport network will help provide the capacity and quality of service we need, while helping to keep our region moving.


The Benefits


  Predictable: All buses will be able to use the corridor, meaning quicker and more journeys without going any faster. This will put bus passengers first and give an average journey time saving of 20% at peak times.
  Connected: The route will connect key locations across the region, improving access to jobs, hospitals, universities and other towns and cities.  
  Regeneration: Sprint will be part of one of the biggest regeneration projects in Europe. The route will support the expected growth and development of areas like the Digbeth and the regeneration of Perry Barr.  
  Inclusive: A big part of Sprint is installing state-of-the-art bus shelters, designed for inclusivity and enhancing the passenger experience through improved safety, comfort and accessible information
  Dependable: Sprint is designed to integrate with other public passenger services and improve ongoing connections with other bus services, metro, the rail network and eventually HS2.
  Clean & green: There will be electric charging at both ends of the Sprint corridor, meaning electric buses can utilise the route and protect our environment by reducing emissions and air pollution.



Why now?

Sprint has been a key feature of the regional transport strategy for several years and was first proposed in 2011 as part of the West Midlands Local Transport Plan. The programme is being accelerated now so Sprint is in place for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, when large numbers of spectators, athletes, media and local volunteers will be travelling to the Alexander Stadium and Athletes Village in Perry Barr.

But Sprint is not just being introduced for the Games. It is part of the long-term strategy for sustainable public transport for the wider West Midlands.

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