Cross City Bus


Transport for West Midlands’ Vision for Bus sets out the need for a step-change in delivering bus priority infrastructure. The benefits of this include quicker journey times, greater reliability for buses and less congestion.

As we work towards greener travel recovery from Covid, we need to make sure that public transport is constantly improving to make journeys quicker, easier and more reliable.

To achieve this and to combat increasing delays caused by congestion, a first phase of bus priority packages have been proposed, complementing Sprint, Metro and rail networks. 

  • Package 1: Birmingham City Centre - Consultation now closed
  • Package 2: Perry Common/Hamstead – Hawksley/Longbridge (North-South)
  • Package 3: Dudley – Druids Heath (North-South)
  • Package 4: Sutton Coldfield – Longbridge (Universities)
  • Package 5: Harborne – Castle Bromwich (East-West)
  • Package 6: West Bromwich – Meadway (East-West)

Cross City Bus Routes

On 30 September 2019, the UK Government announced over £200 million to transform bus services in the Spending Round 2020/21 as part of ‘A better deal for bus usersannouncement. This included £24.225 million to fund new bus priority measures in Birmingham City Centre (package 1) and Dudley to Druids Heath cross-city corridor (package 3). The packages will deliver journey times benefits to almost 90 million passengers per year as well as improved passenger facilities and accessibility.


What does this scheme do?

Much like other bus priority schemes such as Sprint, the scheme is designed to deliver a genuine step change for bus which means:

  • Opening new and direct bus links to trip attractors across all parts of the city and, crucially, the city centre;
  • Complementing interchange to committed Sprint (Bus Rapid Transit - BRT), Metro (Light Rail Transit) and rail to deliver a truly integrated multi-modal city;
  • Reducing bus movements through the core city centre , helping to reduce the severance caused by bus densities, freeing up road space and further reducing emissions to support the Clean Air Zone (CAZ)
  • Delivering the greenest fleet and the highest standard of buses to change the perception



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